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End of season for 2021

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. To the marathon runners, corporate donors, people who have organised their own fundraisers for Eva’s Angels, we are so grateful. It is because if you that we were able to give 25 families a holiday this year. Covid still restricted us a bit, but we made sure we gave as many holidays safely as we could. We love seeing your comments and photos so thank you to all of the families who stayed in the Eva’s Angels caravan and for looking after it so well. We are now preparing the caravan for the winter so we will now close our doors until March. We are taking bookings for next year.To date we have had 86 families stay in the Eva’s Angels caravan. That’s 86 families who can have a break by the sea, away from scans, hospitals, doctors….it makes a huge difference to a family affected by childhood cancer 💜

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