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Eva’s Ultra Training 1. Mapping the Route
We got the train to London Victoria and started from there
Looking and feeling OK in Dulwich...
Jim posing
Dartford, starting to feel the pain...
Following the A2 out to Kent
Quick stop for a bike casualty
It was a lovely day, the sun at our backs, pure evil pain shooting through my muscles...
getting somewhere now...
Faversham! never been so happy to see Faversham. Didn't appreciate how hilly the A2 was until that day...
Finally on the coast road.
Hrene bay. Thank God. Too tired to stop. Need food then sleep. Ouch!!!

On April 7th 2017, Eva made her final journey. It was with bone weary sadness and unspeakable grief that we made the choice to move her from St. Georges Hospital ICU unit back home where doctors would remove her life support machine. She travelled in the ambulance with Mum, while I drove back ahead to explain to our other two children that it was the last time they were going to see their sister.

This is the stark reality of a terminal diagnosis. In a child, it just makes no sense.

Our only consolation, Eva passed away quietly in our arms, safely in a place she knew and loved.

A small team will re-create her final journey from St. Georges in London to Herne Bay. It marks the final journey Eva made and the first event of the charity inspired by Eva’s short life and epic battle with cancer. On Saturday 13th October will run the 67 miles in one day, and in doing so hope to raise money to support other families going through the nightmare of a childhood terminal diagnosis.

It’s a very long way.

I mean, it’s a realllllly long way. Seriously long. The idea makes perfect sense and will be a fantastic way to bring our new charity into the world. The final journey Eva ever made will be the first journey the charity she embodies will make. However, currently, I feel woefully under-prepared for it.

I know this because my mate Jim Cullen, who strangely agreed to run with me, and I thought it a clever idea to map the route on bikes. So at least I can say I’ve made the journey once by my own steam. It took about 8 hours on mountain bikes and took me to a new level of pain.

So… I’m going to attempt a regular update on the blog following my progress in progressing from the beer drinking, sofa loving animal that I am, to someone who can run nearly 70 miles.

Here are some images of our ride. You’ll probably notice from my badly concealed grimaces that I was, in fact, falling apart from the inside-out for pretty much most of the ride.

EDIT – 09/09/2018

For a number of reasons related to fund raising and training, I’ve pushed the run back to 6th April 2019. We are still full steam ahead with training, and expect to raise even more funds and awareness with the extra time.

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